Why Do You Need a Toyota Hilux Roof Console?

Isn’t it always nice to have some extra space to store your things or possibly even have controls for easy access? How about a reading light and possibly even Bluetooth speaker holes that can make it easy to talk and hear without the need for you to hold a device? Well, a Hilux roof console can give you just that! It comes steeped in luxury and convenience and this is exactly why many Toyota Hilux car owners opt for it at some point. 

Its popularity also stems from the fact that these Hilux roof consoles are designed with perfection to give the luxury of space, storage, and practical functionality to your Toyota Hilux car. If that doesn’t convince you, here is a breakup of the different things that come in the roof console and the ways by which it can benefit you.

Uses of a Toyota Hilux Roof Console

A Hilux roof console comes with the following:

  • LED lights
  • Radio Inserts
  • Microphone cable holder
  • Storage locker box
  • Bluetooth speaker holes
  • The smart leather grain finish

Now, let’s take a detailed look at each of these items to understand why a Hilux roof console can truly make your life more convenient while driving. It is also a great boon for passengers as they can find what they want, keep their important things safely, and even talk or hear through Bluetooth. 

LED Lights

The Hilux roof console comes with lights that serve many purposes. When the doors are shut, these lights operate as reading lights so passengers can read. Also, it lights up the interiors and makes it bright when the doors are opened. There are separate lights from the front and rear sides, so everyone can get the best illumination to do what they want. 

These LED lights are known for their brightness though some argue that halogen lights are more powerful. In reality, you don’t need the power of halogen lights to light up your interiors because Halogen lights can be blinding and you don’t want them in your car interiors. Also, the advantage of these LED lights is that they are highly energy-efficient which means your car battery will be used in the most efficient way possible. Another huge advantage with LED lights is that they have a longer lifespan when compared to other lights like say halogen lamps. Though minor, LED lights turn on immediately and this can be particularly useful when you want to something important in your car when it’s dark outside! At that time, waiting for a few seconds for the lights to turn on can be frustrating. 

Radio Insert

There is space for a small radio that could be inserted in the Hilux roof console when you want to listen to your favorite channels and programs. Alternately, a DIN size surround or storage tray for the radio can be kept in the console.

Microphone Cable Holder

A microphone cable holder is a convenient accessory that helps to keep the radio cables neat and tidy. You can roll and keep them in a safe place, away from the reach of young children. Also, you can find it easily when you want! More importantly, it is wound well, so the possibility for the microphone cable to fall and obstruct the driver’s view is greatly reduced. 

Lined Storage locker Box

The storage box, as you know, is a great way to store important things that could otherwise get lost in your car. But the advantage with this accessory is that it is lined which means you won’t be able to hear the rattling sound of objects even you’re on a bumpy ride! The bonus is that the rattling will not damage the sides of the box and you can store the box can last for a really long time. 

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth connectivity has become an integral way of life and today, many drivers tend to use Bluetooth headsets to talk while driving. This gives them the flexibility to drive without having to hold the phone on hands. Sometimes, drivers and passengers like to talk into calls or listen to music using Bluetooth connectivity and this is why the Hilux roof console has speaker holes at the front that makes it ideal for speaking and hearing. This can truly be a great boon for those who like to use Bluetooth devices a lot while traveling or driving. 

Leather Finish

While this is not really a utility that you can find inside a Hilux roof console, still it is important to note that the entire console comes with a leather finish top to ensure that it matches with the interiors of your Toyota Hilux car. Also, this will make the roof console feel like it is a part of the car and won’t look like an accessory that has been attached to it much later!

Overall, this roof console is not only steeped in functionality but also looks great and integrates well with your car’s interiors. In addition, it is also made of top quality materials to ensure that they last for a long time. The design is simple and yet aesthetically-pleasing and is sure to make a great addition to any Toyota Hilux car model. With such superior features and a great build, it is no surprise that this roof console won the “Best 4X4 Aftermarket Product Under $900” given by 4×4 Australian magazine. 

Thus, a Hilux roof console comes with a ton of utilities that can make driving a convenient and enjoyable experience. These accessories are sure to make a world of difference in particular to those who tend to drive long distances or while heading out for long trips with your family. The above list clearly shows the different things you can find in a roof console and how they can benefit you.

Even a glance can show its deep utility for the driver and passengers. So, are you ready to equip your car with a Hilux roof console today? It can truly make a world of difference to your driving and traveling experience!